Cardax Staking Pool

Stake REVU to earn CDX
New Planet in our ecosystem is Cardax.
Cardax is a non-custodial decentralized exchange and automated market maker set to go live in Quarter 3, with a public testnet launch slated soon. Supporting a wide array of Cardano-native tokens, this low-fee DEX allows anyone to become a liquidity provider and start earning the platform’s native token, CDX.
The 6th planet in our Rstronaut planet series, has a 20,000 CDX allocation with a hard cap of 1M REVU
Cardax Staking Pool is mandatory pool for getting Rstronaut NFT which makes you eligible for the 10 000 dollar prizes along with special opportunity to supercharge APRs up to 20% and early access to secret pools
Without putting too fine a point on it, Cardax is a project that has impressed the entire Revuto team. By deploying the Streaming Merge protocol, a new algorithmic method that addresses concurrency difficulties, this slick, user-friendly DEX handles users’ orders in a truly decentralized, deterministic manner, and processes them fairly and efficiently.
Managed by Cardax B.V., a Dutch private company based in Amsterdam, Cardax has recently undergone an independent security audit by software innovation lab Tweag. We have every faith that Cardax will become a go-to service for Cardano users everywhere. All blockchains need dependable decentralized protocols and DEXs are the lifeblood of any strong token economy!
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