Genius X Farming Pool

We’re announcing our next staking pool and offering 200 000 GENSX tokens from the Genius Yield project.
As we’re building on Cardano, our goal has not only been to focus on building by ourselves but to also help other projects make Cardano great and help its ecosystem grow. Again, helping other projects do well was always one of our priorities because only by having great but working products on Cardano can others come and use the Cardano blockchain.
In the case of the Genius X project and helping the Cardano ecosystem grow, there’s a different story going on behind the scenes. The founding team of the GENS-X accelerator recognized the hard work and dedication of the Revuto team to help other projects succeed, so they decided to sign Revuto’s CEO Vedran Vukman as a mentor for their accelerator program.
In return for helping (mentoring) selected Cardano projects and their teams, Vedran was rewarded with their GENSX tokens. You may already assume where this leads us. Yes, Vedran decided to make another generous gesture and transfer those rewards to Revuto users. More specifically, 200,000 GENSX tokens have been allocated to the new staking pool with a hard cap of 2 million REVU tokens.
You can find out more about Genius X Accelerator at
The key consulting services they’re offering include:
  • Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) design
  • Business Strategy and Product Development
  • Pitch Deck Presentation
  • Token Design
  • Technical Whitepaper
  • Marketing
  • Design and UX/UI
  • Strategic Partnership Connections
  • Legal Set-up