Revuto app

Revuto app
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The Revuto App will pack a host of powerful features and functions including:
· Adding subscriptions
· Issuing Revuto Virtual Debit Cards
· Controlling subscriptions (Block, Snooze, Approve)
· Topping up the Revuto Virtual Debit Card(s) with personal debit/credit cards
· Topping up the Revuto Virtual Debit Card(s) with REVU tokens
· Sending and receiving REVU tokens in REVU wallet
· Spending analytics
· Notifications/alerts

Referral program

Refer-a-friend programs don’t just help customers earn, though; they give them a stake in the business itself, engendering a sense of community where everyone is pulling in the same direction. Which is why we’re committed to making the Revuto Referral Program the best in the crypto industry!
The bottom line is this: the more people whom you refer, the more you earn. And the longer those referrals stay with Revuto, the more payments you’ll receive over the coming months and years


Every Revuto Pro user has the benefit of cashback. The cashback is determined to be 4%. With Revuto there is always way to earn more. For every new user that signs up through a referral link and pays for at least one subscription using the dApp, the referral link owner will earn rewards in REVU tokens. The referral rewards will account for 6% of the revenue generated from the referred users. For example, if the referred user signs up for the Revuto Pro version, which will cost €12, the referral link owner will earn 6% of that user’s cashback which is determined to be 4%. If the referred user signs up for the free version of the app, spends €100 every month on subscriptions, and pays 4% or €4 to Revuto for protection fees, the referral link owner will earn 6% of that (or €0.24 in this case) every month for that user and each other user they onboard onto the platform.
Good-to-know: everyone who onboards new users onto the Revuto platform will keep earning recurring revenue in REVU tokens for as long as the referred user relies on Revuto to pay for subscriptions.
The rewards earned through the referrals will be collected and sent directly to users’ Revu wallets once a month.
It should be emphasized that by referring other people you not only earn REVU tokens when these individuals register, but you create a base of people who will use Revuto, and increase the passive income you earn.
This means that, over time, you will directly benefit from the growth of Revuto, and will be generously rewarded for your efforts in making this happen. And this is just one of the ways in which the REVU token will help you earn more and spend less.
For any additional questions please check the FAQ.