Profila (ZEKE) IFO Staking Pool

Stake REVU to earn ZEKE. Participate in the first IFO Staking pool.
Revuto F Fund partnered with Profila and with our users' best interest in mind, the new planet was discovered. We are calling all Rstronauts to join us at this new planet.
Profila (ZEKE) pool is mandatory pool for obtaining Rstronaut NFT and being eligible for 10 000$ reward!
Since this staking pool is special in many ways, we decided to offer a much higher than usual APR to all users who will stake REVU in the Profila IFO pool.
Profila is a Swiss company operational since 2018, building a customer data, engagement & marketing platform which is forging a new era toward Decentralized Marketing (DeMar) platforms built on blockchain & privacy preserving technologies. To drive DeMar into ad-tech, Profila is conducting research and will build a privacy-preserving system called Zero Knowledge Advertising which integrates into the current Ad ecosystem, allowing people to entirely control how their personal data is used and control their digital experiences (including when and what content and ads they want to see and from whom). Zero knowledge token is a Cardano Native Token that enables governance, rewards and utility in the Profile app. You can also use it to control how brands use your personal information and to get compensated for viewing marketing content. Read more about Profila and their Zero knowledge token on the Profila website.
• Staking Pool Hard Cap: 1,500,000 REVU (first-come, first-served)
• ZEKE token allocation: 250,000 ZEKE
• Minimum staking amount per user: 2,000 REVU
• Maximum staking amount per user: 100,000 REVU
• Subscription period: 10 days
• Staking period: 90 days
• Starting date: 06.05.2022. at 10 UTC
ZEKE tokens earned through this pool will be distributed 90 days after the Profila IDO
Stated APR in the Revuto app is based on the current price of REVU, the total amount of REVU tokens staked in the pool, and the Public Sale price for the ZEKE token, which is $0.075.
Feel free to check out our Revuto Podcast with Profila, where Revuto CEO Vedran Vukman chats with the founders of Profila about their partnership and goes into detail about the R Fund’s investment and partnership with Profila.
For any additional questions please check the FAQ.