Why KYC?

KYC is required because:
  • We deal with finance and payments
  • Our card issuing provider needs KYC verification to issue you a debit card
  • It gives us the opportunity to build more features that will create more value for Revuto and REVU holders
  • It relieves the regulatory burden, freeing us to focus on creating the best product possible
With KYC, we are also investing in you:
  • We invest our money in every KYC verification
  • Hours of engineering work is spent on eliminating throughput bottlenecks
  • We’ve enacted compliance and regulation for countries within the Eurozone
It would be easier for us to give you REVU tokens free of charge, and let the free riders in. But at Revuto, we don’t do what’s easy — we do what’s right.
For any additional questions feel free to contact our Customer Support on [email protected]