MELD Staking Pool

Stake REVU to earn MELD
MELD is a decentralised borrowing and lending protocol that allows users to obtain low-interest loans in fiat by collateralising their digital assets. With MELD, it’s entirely possible to leverage your cryptocurrency holdings to borrow, while still retaining full control of your portfolio. The Singapore-based, non-custodial protocol made headlines earlier this year.
MELD refers to itself as a trustless banking stack for DeFi, as it is designed with the world’s 1.7 billion unbanked population in mind. Utilizing smart contracts to bring fiat loan capabilities to Cardano’s expanding ecosystem is a ground-breaking move, and with their rockstar team of entrepreneurs, blockchain engineers and software specialists, we believe they will deliver on their promises.
Here is our brand-new staking pool, where users can stake REVU to earn MELD. The fifth of eight pools required for the Rstronaut NFT, the MELD pool will have a hard cap of 1.5m REVU and a subscription period of 14 days commencing May 19 at 10:00 UTC. The staking period will be 90 days and the reward allocation for this pool will be 150,000 MELD tokens.
Please keep in mind that WMT pool is a mandatory pool in order to obtain the Rstronaut NFT.
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