R Fund FAQ

Do we have to build on Cardano?

Yes, the R Fund is committed to supporting and building the Cardano ecosystem.

Do we have to have a company?

We don’t care about the formal governance and structure at the time of application but in order to accept the investment, we would require a legal entity.

Does it matter where the company is registered and where we are located?

No, we are remote-first and don’t discriminate against teams based on their location.

Does it matter if the team members are not working full-time on the project?

Although we prefer to see a fully dedicated team, we don’t care if you do this as a full-time job. The only metric we care about is that you keep delivering.

What is the average size of your investment?

It will be determined on a case by case basis but up to $200K in crypto.

How will the R Fund support the projects?

Apart from providing funds, our team will aim at supporting the project and integrating it with the Revuto product family. By partnering with you, our goal is to help the Cardano ecosystem to grow.

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