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Revudex IFO

Stake REVU to earn R token. Enjoy double rewards.
Revudex IFO
Since our last staking pool was filled in less than a day, we know you’re looking forward to hearing about new staking opportunities within the Revuto Staking Center. To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Revudex, we prepared one of the best staking deals you have seen so far in the Revuto app. Join our Rstronauts on the Revudex planet, where you can stake REVU tokens in the R token IFO (Initial Farm Offering) pool to participate in the initial distribution of the R token supply.
This IFO (Initial Farm Offering) is unique in many ways, primarily because the farming reward is a governance token of our DEX which, among other things (check our whitepaper), will enable users to utilize cover batching fees (partially). Integration of the second token in the ecosystem will also help us bring back the buy-back mechanism. With that being said, the R token will have a very significant role in the Revuto ecosystem. That’s why we decided to offer a much higher than usual APR reward for all current REVU token holders and other users who will buy and stake REVU tokens in the R token IFO staking pool.
The R token will have a fair launch, and the R token supply will be entirely distributed to the community. It’s important to highlight that the R token is the first token ever in the Cardano ecosystem without token allocation for a token sale, private investors, or any tokens reserved for team members. The only way you can grab R tokens is either through this IFO (Initial Farm Offering) pool or to become eligible for the R token Airdrop worth more than $8,000,000! Later on, users will be able to earn R tokens through ISPO and yield farming setups by providing liquidity to Revudex.
Double rewards
By staking REVU tokens in the R token IFO (Initial Farm Offering) pool, you’ll automatically become eligible for the R token airdrop, meaning you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy double rewards.
To become eligible for the R token Airdrop, you probably already know that you must hold your REVU tokens exclusively within the Revuto app.
From June 1st, Revuto started taking snapshots of Revuto wallets within the Revuto app to register the balance of the REVU tokens held in the Revuto app. The average amount of REVU tokens the user will hold through the 45 days until July 15th will decide how many R tokens the user will get. Users who hold REVU tokens through the entire 45-day period and all snapshot events will become eligible for the maximum airdrop amount. The ratio to get an R token based on the average REVU token wallet balance is 10:1, meaning that you will receive 10 R tokens for each REVU token you hold through the mentioned period. More about the R token Airdrop can be found in our previous post here.

R token IFO (Initial Farm Offering) details

R token IFO details
  • Staking Pool Hard Cap: 8,000,000 REVU (first-come, first-served)
  • R token allocation: 20,000,000 R tokens
  • Minimum staking amount per user: 2,000 REVU
  • Maximum staking amount per user: 250,000 REVU
  • Subscription period: 18 days
  • Staking period: 90 days
Although the R token allocation for the IFO pool is fixed to 20,000,000 tokens, the APR stated in the Revuto app is based on the mentioned allocation of the R token rewards, the total amount of REVU tokens staked in the pool, and the initial price for the R token on the Revudex of 0.1 REVU since Revuto will provide initial liquidity for the REVU/R tokens pair on the Revudex.
The allocation of the R tokens for this IFO pool is structured so that APR remains above 100% even if the pool reaches its hard cap. If we don’t reach the Hard Cap of 8m REVU, users who stake REVU tokens in this pool will enjoy even higher APR because the R token allocation will remain unchanged.
The subscription period for the R token IFO staking pool starts 07.06.2022 at 10:00 UTC and will last for 18 days until 25.06.2022. During that period, investors will be able to stake a minimum of 2k REVU and a maximum of 250k REVU per user. Once you stake your REVU tokens in the R token IFO staking pool, they will stay there for 90 days, meaning you won’t be able to withdraw them or harvest rewards until the staking period ends. After the 90-day staking period ends, Revuto will unlock your REVU tokens and distribute R tokens earned through this pool.
Please note that staking in this pool is required to stay eligible for the Rstronaut NFT.
For any additional questions please check the FAQ.