How and where to buy NFTs?

All the places where Revulution NFTs can be purchased!

Revuto always goes a step further in order to provide the best user experience. Therefore, with our Revulution NFT sale we have covered multiple platforms where our users can get those desired NFTs!

  1. NFTs can be purchased via webshop directly on our website

  2. CNFT In the case of the CNFT marketplace, you should check that the NFT you buy comes from our official CNFT profile

As this is a Cardano marketplace, you will be able to buy your NFTs with ADA

IMPORTANT β€” When purchasing, be sure to check Token Policy IDs because it’s possible that FAKE tokens may be available.

Official Token Policy IDs:

Metal card NFT β€” 604ee8c11738d5fb6d0c0f1b8da76df2ba53846a42713d84cb1815e7

Debit card NFT β€” b6d33f20b5ef4450a564f4bf32188e83a6eae7599e1a9a4a6bc4448c

Netflix NFT β€” 81a6d214b7c69554faa592c20ee9cedd70924211d534b3282996f714

Spotify NFT β€” cf47d3adfe7d4f78321ba4f0b19a7ce2267fbea314eba815081bc80b

3. NMKR Studio

Direct links for purchasing Revulution NFTs

Metal card Revuto NFT:

Debit card Revuto NFT:

Netflix Revuto NFT:

Spotify Revuto NFT:

4. Buy an NFT on Ethereum

To make sure you are buying NFTs from the right collection, you need to ensure that the account you buy from us uses the official Revuto link on the OpenSea marketplace.

Direct links:

When you are satisfied with your choice of NFT, you will be able to purchase with USDC and ETH.

IMPORTANT β€” When purchasing, be sure to check Token Policy IDs because it’s possible that FAKE tokens may be available.

Official Token IDs:

Metal card NFT β€” 37269121547696029847429762658776203483190732477655603786574263839532083316688

Debit card NFT β€” 37269121547696029847429762658776203483190732477655603786574263838432571694912

Netflix NFT β€” 37269121547696029847429762658776203483190732477655603786574263836233548436360

Spotify NFT β€” 37269121547696029847429762658776203483190732477655603786574263837333060064136

Token swap from NFT on Ethereum to NFT on Cardano

  1. Open your Revuto app > Main menu > Referral program > Copy your Referral code

  2. Open your OpenSea account and paste the Referral code in your Bio

  3. Send the NFT to Revuto’s wallet on OpenSea (0x52659344C11A9b48dc8093cc311A40ADdfaBE8A3) When we receive your NFT, we will update your Revuto app and claim the NFT directly in your Revuto wallet and Claimed NFTs menu.

5. Buy the NFT through the Revuto Staking Center

By purchasing Revulution NFTs through the Staking Center within the Revuto app, purchased NFTs will immediately be visible in the app. However, please note that NFTs bought through the Revuto Staking Center will not be transferrable right away like those bought via the webpage because they need to be minted on-chain first. Please remember that you are not staking ADA; you are buying NFTs with ADA, meaning you will not receive back the ADA you sent in this pool. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team or to ask for help in our Telegram group.

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