MuesliSwap Farming Pool

Rstronaut NFT Staking Planet 8/8
Secure your spot in the last Farming Pool and become eligible to win Rstronaut NFT and win 10 000$ reward!
Overview of 8 Rstronauts Planets
The Final, 8th Farming pool which is mandatory for the Rstronaut NFT
We are thrilled to announce a new partnership between Revuto and MuesliSwap. This joint venture brings multiple benefits to both the Revuto and MuesliSwap communities.
The best way to celebrate this event is to create a farming pool where users will be able to stake REVU tokens and earn MILK tokens as a reward.
In cooperation with MuesliSwap, we have prepared an allocation of 10,000 MILK tokens for this staking pool. For those who don’t know, MuesliSwap was the first DEX on the Cardano Mainnet and left us all speechless when they surprised us with the launch of their Orderbook DEX on the Cardano Mainnet before anyone else. MuesliSwap is probably the fastest-advancing DEX on the Cardano blockchain which continues to pleasantly surprise us month after month. Designed for every type of trader, Muesliswap is offering the lowest fees and a DEX Aggregator to ensure you always get the best execution price for your trades. Additionally, they are currently the only DEX on the Cardano Mainnet and on Milkomeda.
MuesliSwap pool will have a Hard Cap of 5m REVU tokens and a subscription period of 20 days commencing July 06 at 14:00 UTC
One important caveat to highlight is that when we fill up the pool and reach the Hard Cap, the pool will promptly be locked and no more tokens can be added after that so hurry up to secure your spot for an Rstronaut NFT.
Special opportunity to earn Double Rewards
MuesliSwap is in the final stage of developing an automated market maker (AMM) type of decentralized exchange which should be released on the Cardano Mainnet by the end of this month. As a part of this partnership, MuesliSwap will provide yield farming rewards to liquidity providers for the REVU-ADA pair on the MuesliSwap DEX. In order to additionally incentivise liquidity providers for the mentioned trading pair, Revuto will secure additional rewards in REVU tokens, meaning liquidity providers will enjoy double rewards, aka double farm. As part of the Project Spotlight serials, the MuesliSwap team will make a special introduction of the Revuto project to the MuesliSwap community with Revuto CEO Vedran Vukman as guest on their Twitter Space.