First token sale on Cardano - Master NFT

In Q3 2021, we sought to reward our Early Bird Tier 1 (EBT1) investors for their ongoing support — and NFTs seemed like a great way to do that. In due course 1,826 unique NFTs were created and unlocked by their rightful owners: you can view them all here.
These colorful and humorous digital images represent proof that their owners were among the first investors to participate in the first public token sale on Cardano. We believe the fact that each token is inextricably linked to Cardano’s first token sale will give them genuine value; of course, we can only hypothesize — it’s up to the market to decide.
With the newly implemented Staking Center there is also a Special NFT as a reward for staking your Revu tokens in the Basic Staking pool.
In any case, the integration of a fully-fledged NFT marketplace into the Revuto app is a cause for celebration. When the integration is complete, our app will be fully loaded, enabling users to deposit tokens, manage subscription payments (Block, Snooze, Approve), stake REVU tokens to earn yield, participate in micro-lending, split subscription costs with friends and family, earn cashback and referral rewards, and trade NFTs. That’s a hell of a lot of real-world utility.
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