Free Netflix & Spotify for Life

Limited number of lifelong subscriptions
Secure your spot for the first-of-its-kind subscription solution
Revuto offers a limited number of Revulution NFTs that will allow users to get free Netflix or Spotify for a lifetime.
Instructions on how to redeem your Revulution NFT can be found here
Revulution NFTs are an evolution of existing NFTs. Unlike NFTs that can only be used as avatars, or the ones that people buy based on the greater fool theory, Revulution NFTs are something completely different, and are designed for everyday use in the real world.
Revuto helps people to understand the difference between worthless NFTs without utility and NFTs that have a real purpose
Explained in the simplest way, Revulution NFTs are actually certificates of subscription ownership in the form of NFTs. Thanks to this innovation, you will now be able to transfer your subscriptions to another person. That being said, you will be able to send them as a gift to someone or resell them on the market. Moreover, if for some reason users don’t want to use their subscription for a certain period of time, in a later phase, users will also be able to loan their NFTs to earn a passive income, and/or use them as a collateral for a loan with the launch of protocols that will enable this kind of features on the Cardano network.
The NFT is transferable and you will be able to sell it to someone else on the marketplace
FREE NETFLIX or SPOTIFY for life! And yes, those NFTs should grow in value because the owner will be able to send and sell them at any time. We believe there’s no better way to introduce this unique feature to the world than to offer you an opportunity to purchase FREE NETFLIX or SPOTIFY for life.
After offering a limited number of Revulution NFTs for purchase, Revuto will add Revuto Virtual Debit Cards (VDCs) to the Revuto app, allowing users to manage their subscription payments and start utilizing their Revulution NFTs.
Get your hands on the first NFT-based subscription ever!
An opportunity for Revutonians.
As Revutonians, you might be wondering if you can purchase Revulution NFTs at a discounted price or earn money on the offering. Hell yes. Existing Revuto users and their refererr friends will get 5% of the purchase price as cashback in REVU whenever there’s a purchase with their referral code provided in their Revuto app.
Share your referral to get 5% cashback for you and 5% discount for your friend!
Bringing in users to buy a Revulution NFT with your referral code will get you 6% of the end user’s cashback and protection fees. If you are in possession of a SPECIAL NFT, you will get 12-18% of the end user’s cashback and protection fees. So just by signing up, users with your referral code can make for a great opportunity to earn passive income.
We also need to say that cashback to all Revulution NFT users is programmed to bring 4% cashback in REVU. For the cashback to work, you will need to be a Premium user of the Revuto app.
At one point, Revuto will allow all Revulution NFT users to lock (stake) their NFTs for a certain period of time to receive cashback in REVU or R token
Revuto will hold lotteries for Revulution NFT owners where they’ll be able to win rewards from partnering with other projects. The first lottery will pick 500 users to win the Bitcoinwars card game. You can find out more about this game at