Tokenomics and Token Distribution

R token tokenomics
With 35% of the total supply allocated for the airdrop to REVU holders, 45% allocated for Yield Farming and other initiatives to incentivize liquidity and utilization of Revudex, tokenomics are set so that REVU token holders and Revuto users will profit the most from this kind of distribution.
As one of the biggest builders on Cardano, 6% of the total supply is allocated for the ISPO in order to reward Cardano community members and ADA holders. An additional 1% of the total supply or 30,000,000 R tokens will be used for IFO (Initial Farm Offering) in the Revuto Staking Center within the Revuto app where users will be able to stake REVU and ADA to farm R tokens. The DAO Treasury has an initial allocation of 5% of the total supply which is 150,000,000 R tokens. All unused and/or unclaimed tokens from the Airdrop allocation will be returned to the DAO Treasury, which will later be governed by a community using governance mechanisms.
With 2.5% of the total supply or 75,000,000 R tokens allocated for future partnerships and marketing activities, only 5% of the total supply is reserved for the development fund. The remaining 0.5% of the total supply or 15,000,000 R tokens will be allocated for the initial liquidity on the Revudex. The stated amount of 15,000,000 R tokens will be used for initial liquidity for the R / REVU token trading pair with a 10:1 ratio, meaning we will also add 1,500,000 REVU tokens as liquidity for the mentioned pair. That being said, the starting price for the R token on the Revudex will be 0.1 REVU or $0.0058 based on the current price of the REVU token.