Rstronaut NFT

An Rstronaut explores the Cardano space, which is a whole universe in and of itself. Revuto is committed to supporting the Cardano ecosystem and being an active part of it, so, the way we see it, the more opportunities we offer to Revutonians, the more this whole universe will benefit.
Becoming an Rstronaut means embarking on a journey that will take you to one staking planet after another. Each planet in our Revuto staking solar system is an opportunity to earn something new when you stake your tokens in the Revuto Staking Center. And when you explore each of them, you will be a bona fide Rstronaut with an Rstronaut NFT to prove it!
How can you earn an Rstronaut NFT?
To earn an Rstronaut NFT, all you have to do is to participate in each of the 8 designated staking pools offered by Revuto. Be sure to secure yourself enough REVU tokens to join us in this space adventure as we explore new planets in the Cardano Universe together!
The Rstronaut NFT carries some special features, including:
  • $10,000 reward in REVU tokens when the price of the REVU token reaches a minimum of $2 per token, and remains above this price for at least 30 days.
  • Boosting your APR in ADA, REVU, and/or CNT up to 20%.
  • Early access to another special secret pool. There will be a subscription period, but Rstronaut NFT holders will also have a pre-subscription period.
  • Boosting your chances for airdrop lotteries: for some pools we will make lotteries for you to get additional CNT.
  • Last, but not least, an Rstronaut T-shirt.
Rstronaut NFT
EBT1 Master NFT holders will enjoy the benefits of the Rstronaut NFT but they won’t be able to boost their APR, boost their lottery chances, etc. if they don’t stake in the Staking Center. You cannot earn more APR if you aren’t already earning APR. You also cannot boost chances in the lottery if you don’t have any existing chances to boost. Any number multiplied by 0 is, remember, 0.
EBT1 investors and Master NFT holders will be excluded from the chance to get a one-time reward of up to $10K in REVU if they don’t secure an Rstronaut NFT.