Revulution NFTs

an opportunity for a lifetime!
With Revulution NFTs, the plan is to “revulutionize” how people subscribe to services while allowing them to subscribe to any service in the world for any period of time and send or sell (monetize) unused subscription periods to others.
We believe that Revulution NFTs will become the most crucial piece of the Revuto ecosystem.
People say NFTs don’t provide any intrinsic value. We say: the hell they don’t!
When subscribing to Netflix, let’s explain the “real world” value of the Revulution NFT. Suppose you bought a one-year subscription to Netflix to save some money. After a few months of using Netflix, you decide you don’t like it anymore, or for some reason you won’t be able to use it for the remaining months you’ve purchased. The reality is that the streaming giant isn’t going to slash your rate for the period you didn’t use it because you’ve already agreed to pay for it, regardless of if you use it or not. Netflix is just an example, but this could be any subscription — like the one for your gym, food delivery, SaaS you’ve been using, whatever.
Did you know that 50% of consumers currently pay for subscriptions they don’t use? Isn’t that crazy? Revulution NFTs are here to solve this problem.
Revuto - unique and revolutionary one-stop solution for everything about the subscriptions!
Our new product allows you to monetize your unused subscriptions, creating a secondary market where people can purchase NFTs with unused subscription periods for specific services at a discount.
How does it work?
Let’s say you want to subscribe to a specific service for a longer period to get a discount. In most cases, the service provider will offer you to buy a one-year subscription to do so. In contrast, with Revuto you’ll be able to buy any subscription for any period and get a discount. The purchased “subscription” NFT should never have a value less than the subscription period left since after enjoying the subscription for some time you’ll be able to send or sell it to others. The new owner will be able to use the same subscription until the NFT expires (the subscription period ends).
How the heck are we able to do that?
It’s pretty simple. The user holding an NFT for a specific subscription in their Revuto wallet will get a Revuto Virtual Debit Card to subscribe to that service. Revuto will be topping up the card to pay for that subscription as long as there’s a subscription period left. Once the NFT changes ownership within the Revuto app, the new owner will get a new Revuto Virtual Debit Card to use with this account for the same service. Again, Revuto will be topping up that VDC to cover the service expenses for as long as there’s a subscription period left. Once the subscription period ends, the NFT will expire, and Revuto won’t be topping up old or issuing new Virtual Debit Cards for that service regardless of who has the NFT in their wallet. We can say that Revulution NFTs are disposable; they expire after the subscription period of the service expires. To get rid of them, Revuto will provide an address where users can send their expired Revulution NFTs. Also, within the Revuto app, there’ll be a place where users can quickly check any Revulutiuon NFT and find out the subscription it is valid for, how long it is valid, or if it has expired.