Staking is our first DeFi use-case for the REVU token!
Revuto brings cutting-edge opportunities to make your REVU tokens work for you! With our multiple staking and farming pools get to a new level of passive income. Revuto offers DeFi passive income strategies that are suited to your own needs. Become the greatest earner in the Cardano ecosystem through the Revuto - the biggest Cardano builder here.
Sit tight and watch how your assets grow day by day with the help of astonishing and unique Revuto DeFi tools.

Basic Staking pool

Stake your Revuto tokens in the “Basic Staking Pool” for the juicy 10% APR on your tokens. Any REVU token holder who stakes at least 2000 REVU in the Revuto Staking Centre for six months will get a Special NFT.
By this point, you are almost certainly familiar with the lifetime passive income offering from Revuto, a percentage you can earn (6% from referred friend’s Cashback or Protection Fee) whenever your referred friend uses Revuto to pay for his subscription(s). Well, holding this brand-new Special NFT will double that percentage to 12%!
REVU Basic Staking Pool
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